The Faaker See Festiva
    l is the biggest motorcycle rally in Europe. It takes place in Austria, at the Faak am See village, next to Villach and close to the North Eastern Italian border. Hundreds of thousands of bikers gather here yearly at the beginning of September, most of them usually coming from all around Europe and even outside of it, just like you, Besides the large number of participants, what make the event special is that it is the biggest continental Harley Davidson meeting!

    So, be prepared to get an overdose of Milwaukee’s Big Twins, chrome, great bike shows and, a huge amount of fun! This tour has been designed to give you the privilege to attend this unique event, and ride an Harley through panoramic roads and stunning landscapes. We’ll cross the Apennine’s range twice, starting from Firenze to Bologna and, on the way back, from Abano Terme to Firenze. Moreover, leaving from Belluno and heading on to Kranjska Gora (Slovenia, a city laid on a beautiful valley, a few kms from Faak am See, the venue of our event), we will be riding thru the geologically unique Dolomite range, an ancient mountain formation that dates back to approximately 280 million years ago.

    In between, we’ll pass through the tragic Vajont’s dam (…on November 1963 a giant landslide fell into the dam’s basin, causing a mountain’s Tsunami and killing over 2.000 people). We’ll have a lot of Alpine roads, some quiet countryside environments and, a few busy towns to get through which will give you the vibes of what it is to ride a bike in the Italian ‘traffic’. Lastly, you’ll be able to give some extra gas too, when riding on the fast Italian Highways. However, not only riding has been included with this tour, for, we will be spending our time in Firenze (the birthplace of The Renaissance), admiring its architectural and figurative masterpieces, or having a shopping leisure in the old city.

    Another included highlight is, Venezia, one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the whole world. We’ll have half a day to walk through its narrow and picturesque alleys, jumping on its countless brick’s bridges, having a coffee in Piazza San Marco, waving in the shades of its porticoes, shooting pictures at Rialto’s Bridge and the Canal Grande, San Marco Basilica and the Bell Tower, prior to getting the small passenger ferry which will take us back onto our originally itinerary through the waterways. In the end, we call this a truly Leisure/Riding Experience Tour, designed to allow you to get the maximum enjoyment in a fascinating motorcycle environment and, with a considerable part of good time and good meals/drinks

    On top of it all, we’ll always recommend you to follow our few basic suggestions on how to manage the tour and its timetable, in such a way that you will enjoy the tour at its best.
    So, having said that, …..dear Gentlemen start your engines, it’s time to ride to The Faaker See Festival!


    We have a choice from most recent models of BMW, HARLEY DAVIDSON, DUCATI and many more.

    Type of Motorcycle Available

    •   BMW R1200GS LC
    •   BMW R1200GS LC ADV
    •   BMW R1200RT LC
    •   BMW K1600GT
    •   BMW G650GS
    •   BMW F700GS
    •   BMW F800GS
    •   BMW F800GT
    •   BMW F800GS ADV
    •   BMW F800R
    •   BMW R1200R
    •   BMW R NINE T
    •   BMW S1000R
    •   XL 1200T Super low
    •   XL 1200T
    •   Low Rider
    •   Street Bob
    •   Fat Boy
    •   Heritage Soft Tail classic
    •   Road king
    •   Electra Street Glide Special
    •   Electra Glide Ultra Limited
    •   Road Glide Special




    THE FAAKER SEE TOUR® ///// 2017 package includes:

    • Pick up service upon arrival at the international airport.
    • Transfer to hotel / transfer to airport
    • Motorcycle rental.
    • Twin sharing room accommodation in hotel.
    • Breakfast.
    • Farewell dinner last night before departure.
    • English speaking guide(s) / (other languages possible).
    • A backup vehicle with driver, following the group and carrying all the riders’ luggage and shopping goods
    • Each motorcycle will come with basic side bags and, with the exception of a few models, also a back bag or box.



    • Cost of fuel, lunch & dinner and personal expenses.
    • Highways [charges for all toll roads used during the tour].
    • Travel/medical insurance [we recommend that rider(s) subscribe for an own travel insurance in the country of origin].
    • Extra cost for a single hotel room.
    • Motorcycle gear and helmets. However, if riders need, both motorcycle gear and helmets rental are available at a price varying from € 15/day. GPS Navigator rental estimated at € 10 to € 20/day.
    • We recommend that rider(s) brings his/her own extra motorcycle bag or tank bag along with him/her.
    • We recommend that rider(s) bring his/her own elastic net to fit & carry own bag in the back-seat or, a tank bag (not included)
    • Anything not mentioned in this article under the heading: THE FAAKER SEE TOUR® ///// 2017 package includes





    • At the moment of booking we will request a 30% down payment by bank to bank money transfer as a guarantee: ‘Yes, I want to ride this tour / deposit*’.
    • Full payment must be made (bank to bank money transfer) not later than 5 weeks before the starting of the tour.
    • Cancellation made after the 30% down payment (deposit*) and re- quested before 5 weeks from the starting day of this tour will be held with us until rider/client is available to come ride this guided tour in the following season.
    • We decline any deposit* and obviously full payment restitution in case of cancellation made within 5 weeks from the starting day of this tour.
    • Upon accepting the rental agreement and, depending on the motorcycle chosen, we will request a refundable deposit varying from € 2.000, to € 2.500, to be secured for exclusively by credit card (Visa/MasterCard).
    • Rider(s) must be 21 years or older and must be holder of an International Driving Licence.
    • Rider(s) is recommended to have his/her own Travel/Medical insurance.
    • This package is tailored for 10 days – 9 nights and a minimum of 10 motorcycles per tour. Other options are all the time possible. Please feel free to request according to your needs.


    DAY 1 | Monday Sept 4,


    Participants’ arrival at Bologna/Firenze Airport / Italy. Pick up and Transfer to the Hotel / Check in / Welcome and refreshments at the Hotel. Time to relax and deal with the jetlag. Do not underestimate the 5-6hrs time difference between your country and Europe, which might unexpectedly affect your mind and body for 1-2 days So, the first day it’s RELAX DAY, and we will dedicate it only to our Tour presentation & Briefing. After this, everyone is free to take his/her own time to lay back, hang around, do shopping, dine, etc… Have a good night rest /.

    Tour presentation, Briefing and Relaxing time /////


    DAY 2 | Tuesday Sept 5,


    Good morning! Hope you had a great sleeping night. (In order to save time and be prepared for tomorrow’s ride, we’ll pay visit to the Bikes Rental Service to finalize the rental procedures and registration). This done, …..Are you ready for an urban adventure? Firenze is out there, take your chance to go out and explore it. Downtown, you will find lots of shops with nice and friendly salesmen/women ready to help you choose your favourite branded garments or other fancy items for yourself and your loved ones. Highlights in the city are: the Duomo and Giotto’s bell tower, Santa Croce’s gothic cathedral, Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River. The day is drawing to an end and we are already getting more and more excited about the day next to come…the starting of our ‘journey’

    This Harley is on a stand-by, waiting for you tomorrow….. /////

    Firenze cityscape with the Apennine range in the background /////

    DAY 3 | Wednesday Sept 6,

    ROUTE: Firenze – Bologna – Mestre (Venezia area) 252 KM, 5 HRS /

    Good morning! After an early Breakfast we’ll go pick up the motorcycles, We’ll gather for a pre-ride briefing.

    We’ll leave Firenze heading to Bologna. We’ll ride across the Apennine’s roads for about 100kms. A green and at times rocky environment will accompany us throughout this first part of the tour.
    Once in Bologna we’ll take our first coffee break. Ready to share our first impression on the bikes and the sceneries we just left behind, we’ll stop for a little while. It’s time to get back on our bikes and, by taking advantage of the Autostrada [Toll highway] we’ll skip the crowdy roads of the Padania plane, heading straight on to Mestre [our tour day destination]. Mestre, which is the city just on the edge of the Venetian Laguna, is perhaps less attractive than Venice but definitely less crowded and more convenient to park our bikes safely for the night. We’ll arrive at destination in the late afternoon, after the due hotel check in we’ll take time to relax and then go enjoy some dinner all together. PS: Who wants to attempt venturing into Venezia the same night may do so. There is a train connecting Mestre to Venezia [time schedule to be checked though] and also a regular taxi service to/from.

    …The day is coming to an end. Good night!
    [PS: Although Mestre is usually our base to explore Venezia, in order to give our guests a better and more comfortable accommodation, we may find our hotel in the surrounding area].

    Happy to ride out of town on Day 1 of our long tour / Firenze /////
    Riding on winding roads thru the Apennine mountains range [Italy] /////
    Leisure stop on the way to Mestre [Italy] /////

    DAY 4 | Thursday Sept 7

    ROUTE: Mestre – Treviso – Belluno / 106 KM, 4 HRS /

    Today, something special is awaiting us, … We are glad to tell you that you are about to place feet on one of the most loved and visited places on earth, VENEZIA. Listed in the World Heritage Sites, Venice was built on big wooden poles planted one by one in a vast lagoon area. In

    the turn of a few centuries it became one of the most powerful, influential and economically rich city in Europe and perhaps in the whole world of that time. (Marco Polo, notorious traveler, ambassador and merchant of the late middle ages was a Venetian and it was from here that he first departed when he went on his mission to discover the Far East… the rest is mere history. Walking thru the small alleys and subtly breathing the odors & perfumes of this city will give you an intense and emotional feeling. Its atmosphere, will make you feel like being suspended between dreams and reality…..).

    PS: Because of its particular position, it’s quite hard, if not almost impossible, to get there with vehicles, due to busy traffic and a perpetual lack of parking lots. So, in order to avoid trouble and delays, we’ll use a short train ride to Santa Lucia Station, from where our visit will begin. We’ll take a walk thru narrow alleys, small bridges and picturesque buildings and houses, all of which was built upon water. Crossing Cannareggio neighbor, we’ll reach Canal Grande and Rialto Bridge, one of the top icons of the city. Few hundred meters further and we get into Piazza San Marco. It’s pretty useless to try and describe this place: you must get there to realize how stunning it is. We’ll take a quick look at Basilica di San Marco and Ponte dei Sospiri, prior to getting loosen from the group and continue our exploration independently.

    The city is large and at times ambiguous but it won’t eat nor overwhelm you with its mysterious atmosphere So, go further into it and enjoy it. We’ll gather later on at meeting point X to get back to our hotel, pick up the bikes and ride on. We’ll reach Treviso and the Valdobbiadene and finally arrive in Belluno.

    The Rialto Bridge / Venezia [Italy] /////

    Overview of the Canal Grande / Venezia [Italy] /////


    DAY 5 | Friday Sept 8

    ROUTE: Belluno – Lake Barcis – Kranjska Gora [ Faak am See area ] 218 KMS, 5 HRS /

    Leaving Belluno, our roads are leading up to the Vajont’s dam and, from there, riding just in between rocky mountains we’ll take a glimpse of the emerald green river waters of the Lake Barcis. The scenery is very stunning, the road beautiful, and the riding experience is at its top. We’ll pass through Maniago, Osoppo and Pontebba and then on to Tarvisio, and the Slovenian border, where we’ll finally reach our day destination in the small but very welcoming city of Kranjska Gora.

    Overview of lakes and mountain roads on the way to Belluno [Italy] /////
    Leaving the valley and riding up the Eastern Alps range [Italy] /////

    And after a whole day riding…..,
    we deserve a good rest /
    Bikers arriving at the Faaker See Festival [Austria] /////

    DAY 6 | Saturday Sept 9


    We’ll have the whole day to spend on our own, to ‘explore’ the environment and feel the mood of this very special event. There will be thousands of bikes [and bikers of course] coming from all over Europe, bars to seat at and drinks to enjoy, shops with vendors to stroll around, gadgets and all sort of rare paraphernalia to buy, bikes shows and,…..a huge community to share the same passion with.

    DAY 7 |  Sunday Sept 10

    ROUTE: Kranjska Gora – Sella Nevea Pass / Abano Terme / 288 KM, 5 HRS /

    Sunday morning, it’s time to head back. We’ll leave the venue of the Faaker See, on an early time, riding back to Italy. After crossing the Austrian/Italian border we’ll hit a secondary road, which will lead us up on to the Sella Nevea Pass, at 1.190 mt. of altitude, bouncing at the Slovenian border for a while. Still riding on quiet and silent roads, curling up curves and sceneries, we’ll reach the Tagliamento River Valley and at this point, in order to save time and rid us from stress and unnecessary hassles, we’ll get on to the Autostrada [Toll Highway]. We’ll bypass Venezia and with the sun in the face, we’ll bypass Padova, ending our touring day in Abano Terme, a renowned city at the foot hill of the Colli Euganei. A place where people have come, since ancient times, to benefit from the special natural Spa and healthy body treatments. After neatly parking the bikes, we’ll do our usual Hotel check in, relax, and enjoy a well-deserved dinner.

    A common scenery while riding across the Alpine regions /////
    A coffee break along the route is always good! /////
    A common scenery while riding across the Alpine regions /////
    Autostrada / Fast Highway going thru the Padania plane [Italy] /////

    DAY 8 |  Monday Sept 11

    ROUTE: Abano Terme – Bologna – ……….. – Firenze / 233 KMS, 7 HRS /

    Our last day ride will start, hopefully after having enjoyed some of those hot waters Spa treatments or clay massages. Heading south we’ll hit the Highway and give some gas. We are quickly heading to Bologna, area, where we will stop for our lunch break. It’s time to leave again

    but, surprise, surprise,….. Our road Captain knows it best and we will leave it to him to decide on which way to go in order to reach back the city of Firenze. Choices are a few and indeed, a decision about which way to go will be made on the spot depending on timing, weather conditions and, most importantly ‘the spirit’ of our guests riders.

    You won’t be disappointed 😉
    Lunch before starting our last tour stage….. towards Firenze /////The day is coming to an end and Firenze has been reached.
    After the bikes drop-off procedures we’ll transfer-drive to the hotel to check in. In the evening everyone is off-duty Please, take advantage of your leisure time /.
    You are all glad you made it! The tour has happily ended [Firenze] /////

    DAY 9 | Tuesday Sept 12


    The daily schedule is the same as the first day of our Holiday: leisure and fun in the city are up to your wishes. / Forget for the moment those great and roaring motorcycle engines that have made your ears soar for a

    week and, feel free to go out, hanging around randomly with your friends or wives, getting downtown to do your last shopping, visit monuments, relax, etc… Firenze with its apparent retro-looking atmosphere has in fact much more to offer than only history. Walk around and take a breath of all that comes across you, it’s your day anyway!Anyhow, whatever you’ll decide to do for the day, please remember that we, the tour leaders, are expecting you to gather with all the group and go have a final Farewell Dinner /

    Farewell Dinner / Firenze [Italy] /////

    DAY 10 | Wednesday Sept 13


    If you wake up still hearing the roars of your motorcycles or seeing images of all the things you have experienced during the past 8-9 days, don’t worry it is all far too normal. Relax, get ready and come down to have your breakfast and meet with the crew who has accompanied you all along We’ll have our last pleasant chit-chat over a cup of coffee & tea. [………..] Get prepared, do our Hotel Check-out and get onboard of the bus which will take us back to the Airport, …And wave our last good byes. Your flight will safely take you back home / Departures. /

    It was great for us to have you here and to show you around….. Please, do come back again and bring along your friends next time Thank you…..

    Arrivederci / Good bye….. /
    VEDETT® ///// MOTOTOURS Team wishes to thank you!




Please be informed that if sudden changes of the weather conditions should occur and/or delays may happen for reasons outside of our forces during the trip, the itinerary as described here above may undergo unexpected changes or detourings, if this should happen we will do our best to catch up with the original route as fast as we can. The same changes may apply to each final day destination and/or hotel, which may be shifted to another local site and/or hotel of equal quality.thank you for your understanding
This tour programme is an exclusive copyright of: VEDETT® ///// MOTOTOURS ©2016

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