Penang based motorcycle distributor Mforce Bike Holdings launches her first home grown motorcycle brand SM Sport. The first model SM Sport 110R introduced today is set to target entry-level motorcycle buyers in Malaysia who look for an affordable, environmental friendly, stylish yet durable machine.
Mforce Bike Holdings collaborates with Qian Jiang Motorcycle (the brand owner of Benelli) for technology transfer to develop this brand new SM Sport 110R. This fuel efficient moped contains not only imported parts and accessories but also 30% of localized spare parts and will be further increased to 60% in the future. As a local company, Mforce Bike Holdings is optimistic and supportive to the development of local motorcycle industry.

SM Sport 110R – Super Saver for Extra Mileage
The slogan says it all. You will be amazed with SM Sport 110R’s high performance yet value for money. With the incorporate of Fuel Saving Switch, SM Sport 110R is stretching your every cent in fuel consumption and allows you to go for extra mileage. As for maintenance, it is saving and hassle-free. For instance, there is no oil filter required.
With aerodynamic and sporty looking outlook, SM Sport 110R comes with an air-cooled 109 cc SOHC engine which is in compliance with EURO 3 emission standard set by JPJ delivering 4.8kW at 7500 rpm.
Other special and safety features of SM Sport 110R include daytime running light, LED front and rear signal light, Kayaba (KYB) suspension system, 10L huge storage space, safety key switch, a pair of tubeless tyre and a 5V USB Port.

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