The Legend of the Sporty ‘Vespino’ now with I-GET Engine

PETALING JAYA, 10 August 2017 – Taking advantage of the start of the NAZA Merdeka Autofair 2017, Naza Premira Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of Vespa scooters in Malaysia, is proud to announce that the popular Vespa S125 model now comes with an I-GET engine.

“We are proud to launch the new S125 I-GET at the start of our NAZA Merdeka Autofair 2017. The I-GET engine, which stands for Italian Green Experience Technology, is said to be a new approach to the powertrain design and development, with aims to increase the efficiency of each element and improving performance overall.” said Datuk Wira SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin, Group Executive Chairman, Naza World Group of Companies.

The new powerplant is the result of a design philosophy that sets new and more advanced quality and reliability levels as its primary objectives. Every aspect of the design process was aimed at increasing the efficiency of each individual component, thereby working together to maximise performance and, at the same time, minimise consumption and emissions.

The new I-GET powerplant that is equipped on the Vespa S125 are ultra-modern single cylinder 4-stroke 125 cc air cooled engines with electronic injection and 3-valve timing. Each and every detail, from the exhaust to the internal design of the gearbox cover, has been designed to make the ride smoother, quieter and more comfortable.

The injection system has been optimised and improved in terms of efficiency; the ECU now has a barometric sensor that guarantees optimum combustion every time in any condition of use and at any altitude. This means that the power and torque output reach new and high levels of regularity and reliability, even in the city with constant “stop and go” riding.

These engines are extremely environmentally friendly since they are approved in compliance with the Euro 3 Multi- Directive, and they are capable of performance which is at the top of the category: the I-GET 125 cc has maximum power and torque that measure in respectively at 10.2 hp at 7,600 rpm and 10.2 Nm at 6,000 rpm. These are values that, along with the proverbial light weight typical of all Vespas, make this Vespa “small body” particularly quick both in city traffic and on stretches of open road.

A perfectly calibrated gearbox with new and more resistant friction materials for the dry centrifugal automatic clutch contributes to this result. This brilliant performance is combined with fuel consumption values that are reduced to a minimum: the particular architecture of the engine and the solutions adopted for the various components makes 60km/litre at 50km/h. Thanks to a spacious, 7 litre fuel tank, Vespa S125 now boast a highly respectable travel range: 420 km can be covered with a full tank.

The Vespa S125 I-GET powerplants are single cylinder engines, completely new both in terms of mechanical components and electronic parts. Worth a mention in more detail are:

  • The crankshaft, with 24% increased inertia compared with the previous engine for a decisive reduction in vibrations and a smoother ride.
  • The new starter motor, decidedly quieter.
  • The new gearbox cover, to reduce the noise even more and increase stiffness.
  • The barometric sensor, so that combustion is always optimised. The exhaust system is also entirely new. The new unit makes the engine quieter and at the same time ensures a more full and pleasant timbre.

Apart from the I-GET engine, the Vespa S125 has always embodied the heritage of legendary models from the 70’s, such as the Vespa 50 Special and the 1967 Vespa Primavera, offering a trip down a charming memory lane.

It is the most sporty and youthful Vespa ‘small body’ available. The lines express dynamic character and youth, with their clean and essential, but definitely spirited, sections. It is a Vespa that makes minimalist design its distinguishing feature in order to definitively win the approval of the youngest enthusiasts.

The square headlight, the more decisive design of the mudguards and the profile of the saddle are the unmistakeable key features of the Vespa S125, which go extremely well with the red colour of the shock absorbers and the brand new instrument panel graphics.

The Vespa S125 has new aesthetic details which make it even more effervescent and sporty. At the same level as the Vespa LX, on the S125 version the mask located on the front shield is new as well as the ‘tie’, which by now distinguishes all new generation Vespa vehicles. For the occasion, the instrument panel graphics have been revamped, while the horn guard on the shield and the crest on the front mudguard forgive the elegant chromium finish, taking on a much more aggressive black colour. The five-spoke wheel rims are the same colour. On the Vespa S125, as with the LX, the new plastic guard located on the footboard comes standard, embellished with the Vespa logo.

There are four colour schemes available: Grigio Titanio (Grey), Green Matt, Taormina and Red Matt. The new Vespa S125 I-GET is tagged with a basic selling price of RM11,600.00 without GST.

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