Kawasaki Ninja 650/ Z650 Media Test Ride

The new Ninja 650 and Z650 are both already on sale in Malaysia, but the media is to be invited on 29th March 2017 to test on both middle weight classes. From the first ER6-n/ Ninja 650R Kawasaki introduced in 2006 to today new Versys 650, we all are very clear what the Kawasaki parallel 650cc twin is capable of. Reliable and fuel economy is really no question, but what more Kawasaki can squeeze out more on this engine on their new released?

Our route cover a big round trip about 145Km staring from Nilai Spring Resort Hotel passing by Sepang, Morib, Jenjarom, Dengkil and back to the starting point again. This route provides good back road and highway mix to test out what these 2 new bikes are capable of. We are arranged to switch bikes en-route so that both bikes can be tested out evenly.

Kawaskai claim that new cylinder head design are used to maximise visual appearance. Engine compression and internal design is still the same. The major features on both bikes are the weight. Weight reduction is a staggering 16 ad 17 KG for Ninja 650, Z650 respectively. This contributes from their new trellis frame similar to Kawasaki flagship model – H2.

Electronics on both bikes also has a big improvement over the previous model. Gear indicator and rev limiter are now available, a big plus for new rider and in my opinion a crucial component especially for the entry level middle weight class. Handling wise, no doubt, nimble, agile are the word use to describe the cornering ability. Fuel economy is superb thanks to its new fuel mapping and light weight; a claimed 6.8% fuel economy can be archived.

The whole package Kawasaki delivered is in good balance. Catch up out more detail review on this bike while we bring it for a longer journey. Stay tunned.

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