Latest Information on Travel-Driving/Riding in Thailand

Hello all fellow travel driver/rider. Here we would like to share some new information about driving/riding in Thailand.

  1. VHF / UHF communications device (mounted/installed on vehicle or hand held.) are not allowed in Thailand. If you are caught, you will need to be present at court and pay the fine.  Please leave it at home. Don’t try to be smart ass to answer or negotiate with the authority, you may be the reason for all your friends to enjoy a visit at the local police station.
  2. Do not bring vape or e-cigarette into Thailand. If you get caught using or possessing this devices, jail is waiting for you. Don’t be smart ass to say “No I don’t use in Thailand“. You can still invite trouble. You are not allowed to enter Thailand with your vape or e-cigarette devices. If your passenger has it, drop him off at the border. It is advisable to check and address this matter  with your passengers.
  3. Seat belt and helmet for motorcycle are compulsory for Driver/Passenger. Don’t like to wear it? jail is waiting for you.
  4. It is best to buy comprehensive insurance (or commonly known as voluntary insurance which covers up to 600,o00 THB) at the Thailand border. Do not buy cheap 3rd party insurance for two weeks, which will not help you in any manner.
  5. Drinking and driving, Jail waiting for you.
  6. In a large vehicle (car/motorcycle) convoy, when 1 (ONE) vehicles has a problem/issue, The whole convoy go to police station.
  7. No more unlimited quantity purchase on cigarettes or alcohol from the duty free at the border, enter Thailand and you will be fined. At the Bukit Kayu Hitam’s Duty Free Complex, be aware to only purchase the allowed amount/quantity of products before crossing into Thailand.
  8. A serious reminder to all driver/rider. Over the year due to the increasing numbers of accident involving foreign driver/rider, foreign driver/rider visiting Thailand are reported fail to follow and respect the Thailand’s Road Safety regulations, such as speeding and causing fatal accidents which involving the locals. Thailand’s police are taking serious precautions and more strict actions to keep in check.
  9. Thailand’s authority/police has increase road blocks and updated all stations on this information.
  10. Do not be surprise if you were stopped on a road block and everyone are asked to step out, while the Thai authority/police will conduct a full vehicle search.  open all compartments and check. This happen to me. Just before reaching Hat Yai and after leaving Phatthalung.
  11. Malaysia driving licence is accepted in Thailand. It is considered as a Valid driving licences by the Thailand’s law and insurance. As a matter of fact, all Asean country members driving licence are technically a valid in Thailand. There are cases involving local authority/police from a certain remote that might not understand this driving license validity among the Asean country members,  you may need to resort to use THB as the alternative driving licence.
  12. It is a good practice to take photos of your vehicle from all angles, a photo or a copy of your vehicle registration card, insurance (Thai), your passport, driving licence and other important documents. Email the soft copy/photo of your documents to your self, keep it in email for easy access from any location. This is very important. In case if you lost your document due to your vehicle were stolen, or theft or you just accidentally drop it off somewhere, and to make matter more interesting you even lost your smartphone. With Internet access you can get all needed information.

Drive/ride safely, follow the local road safety law, be prepare and don’t forget to have an amazing experience in Thailand.

Credit to Riduwan Zanin @ Rambo 
– attendees for “Amazing Self-Drive in Thailand” briefing by Tourism Authority of Thailand at Cititel Mid-Valley Hotel on 12 August 2017. 

For more information on Thailand’s tourism visit or contact Tourism Authority of Thailand, Kuala Lumpur Office at +603 2162 3480

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