Moto Guzzi the Authentic soul at Gasket Alley

It is wonderful to see the return of Moto Guzzi back in Malaysia soil. Moto Guzzi original name was GP, for Guzzi-Parodi was born on March 15, 1921, which makes them the longest continually running European bike manufacturer. Started by two WW1 pilots and their mechanic who spent their time on the ground daydreaming about motorcycles. Their daydream to start their own motorcycle company comes to plan where one would design the bike, that was Carlo Guzzi, one would race them, Ravelli and one would pay for everything, that was Parodi the son of a wealthy Genovese ship owners. Unfortunately Ravelli had died in an aircraft crash but the two friends continues the dream along with Parodi’d brother. Revelli however honored and remembered by the Italian Air Corp’s Eagle’s that form the Moto Guzzi logo.

Didi Resources Sdn Bhd a joint venture between Mr. Goh and Mr Rewi are serious to venture into motorcycle line started with Zero Engineering last May and now Moto Guzzi. Gasket Alley will house both brand which represent the ultimately lifestyle platform that is a true reflection of both brand. The whole showroom is build based on a concept, a passion. Moto Guzzi will sit very well with the lifestyle and the supporting business around it. Their commitment to the Moto Guzzi are long term with several investments put in place. One of it is the 3S centre that will be launched very soon in August. Customers will have the freedom of mind when they purchase Moto Guzzi without having to worry about after service, parts and merchandise.

It is mission to restart Moto Guzzi to its full potential. Didi Resources was chosen because they share the same value of Piaggio Group and the Moto Guzzi brand. Piaggio Group trust the new partnership will achieve new heights.

During recent launched, Moto Guzzi V9 makes its first appearance in Malaysia. To celebrate the 50 years anniversary of the first model, Moto Guzzi introduces the V7III Stone and V7III Racer.

The third generation of the Moto Guzzi that is known and loved all over the world has been completely revamped, every detail has been fine-tuned to maximize owner satisfaction and riding pleasure. That however does not alter the originality and authenticity typical of this iconic motorcycle.

Prices of Moto Guzzi before registration, road tax and insurance starts from RM66,900.00 with GST.

Drop by The Gasket Alley to experience the art of motorcycle craft.

For more information visit Follow @motoguzziMY for the latest updates and offerings. Or contact Moto Guzzi Malaysia at 03-79567799 or email to

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