Moto Guzzi have found a new home within the Gasket Alley

Didi Resources together with Piaggio Asia Pacific officially opens it’s 3S centre with the appointment of Stronghold Cycles and Goh Brothers Motorcycles to operate the showroom and the after sales services.

Now Moto Guzzi have found a new home within the Gasket Alley. It is a place where it can express the value of the DNA and the brand better. A place that has a strong soul, a representation of Moto Guzzi.

Now with the 3S centre, it will be a great platform that allows their customers to experience something beyond a typical motorcycle showroom. It is a perfect execution to showcase the garage feel that allows customers to choose from their special array of accessories and merchandise available. They offer a full suit of services, with four dedicated bays equipped with a full swing of special tools, computerized diagnostics, parts room and experienced technicians trained by Piaggio. Technicians that have been hand picked due to their experienced worked with Italian bike. The place would also able to do body and paint services.

For existing Moto Guzzi customers from the previous distributor, you are important, you are invited to come to Gasket Alley and let the new team take a look at the bike and let them rectify base on case to case basis.

On this day, it could not be a better time to also celebrate the 50 years anniversary of the first V7 that was launched in Italy. Didi Resources took the opportunity to introduce the limited edition of V7 III Anniversario of which only 1000 would be build Worldwide. The third generation of the Moto Guzzi that is known and loved all over the world has been completely revamped: every detail has been fine-tuned to maximize owner satisfaction and riding pleasure, leaving the originality and authenticity typical of this iconic motorcycle unaltered.
Feel and experienced the environment. Gasket Alley, the showroom, the 3S centre, the Makhan place, their team of people combination of all…they are the community generator.

Opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

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