Maxfly Security Key

Another renowned and distinguished brand in the safety aspect of motorcycles which has long been in Malaysia market is MAxfly

Maxfly appears to be a branded security key that meets customers’ requirements to date. Maxfly security key from Taiwan consists of security characteristics such as anti-gauged, anti-levered up, unable to be sawn, jerked resistant, efficient and durable with the best quality.

Maxfly has also produced varieties of selected security key models that meet every customers’ requirements.

MAxfly disk key MX3027 and key V MX 3026 are the 3-star rated security key models that are popular among the motorcyclists. These models are used at the motorcycle disk brake so that the wheels will not be rotated as it is hooked to the part of a brake calliper. This key model is smaller and easy to keep.

MAxfly Pad l Lock MX620-BK is a 5-star rated security key. This key model appears to be the main choice of the existing customers due to its broaden roles and multiple functions

Apart being used in the motorcycles, this key model is also very suitable for the house and office gates.

While, on the other hand, Maxfly security key model U-Lock MX530 and model O-Lock are the 4 –star security key. The motorcyclists use these models at the front or rear suspension locked to the wheel.

This key model appears to be the choice of motorcyclists that do not have a disk brake. Apart from that, the key is also suitable for house and office gates.

MAxfly has also introduced a Rimender Cord as a reminder device to remind that the security key has not been activated, as we sometimes do easily forget. Reminder Cord can also prevent damages from occurring on the motorcycles due to our negligence. All Maxfly safety key products can be obtained or found at any local markets and selected workshops.

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