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Coming from Australia, when a member of a Harley Davidson club approaches you at a small roadside café carrying a black oversized suitcase that could easily hide a large caliber assault rifle, the adrenalin starts pumping and all senses are on high alert. Thankfully this is Malaysia and the man we are meeting tonight is carrying a display suitcase full of fine are jewelry. Skullsnation MY may be a newcomer to the jewelry market in Kuala Lumpur, but the bikers behind it have been around for a long time now and are now producing high quality jewelry and other decorative metalwork pieces for bikers.


Over the next 90 minutes at the café we are taken through the manufacturing process while we inspect a range of custom rings, badges, earrings and belt buckles. The whole process from concept to holding the finished product in your hand involves customer consultation. From the approval of the 3D computer design to inspection of the wax model before a master mold is formed the initial production piece cast, polished, finished and given to the customer for final approval before production can commence.


The range of custom designs so far has included rings, earrings, belt buckles, pins/badges, vest extenders, vest buttons, bracelets, belt buttons and even car gear knobs. All pieces can be made from 925 sterling silver, gold or white brass, but is only limited by the customers imagination. Items can be ordered in quantities from 1 for the discerning individual to as many as required and clubs can maintain piece of mind in the knowledge that Skullsnations MY can keep custom orders exclusive, only producing them for the original design owner.


Skullsnation MY can produce custom jewelry for all types of communities/clubs, organizations and even government. They already boast clients from Kayan MC (Brunei), BBMC (Indonesia), Rascal Riders MC (Indonesia), Warpigs MC (Malaysia), Satudarah MC (Malaysia), Road King MC New York (USA), NVMC (USA), IMC (Brunei), OffTheDay (Malaysia) and has been founded by bikers, for bikers.


To view samples, make orders or simply just ask more questions, contact Skullsnation MY. They are also looking for local dealers that are interested in marketing and selling the Skullsnation jewelry.


Phone: 012 3400 855

Facebook: Skullsnation Skullsnation MY


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